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What do you think about…? 






Hey does everyone like the background?? Kinda makes you want to eat some tomatoes doesn’t it???;) (Not really!!) Right, this is my main musings page. Everything is just stuff I’ve noticed off the show and pics I’ve seen from the end of the third series. (BTW. The U.K. hasn’t shown half of the third Season so if I get anything wrong sorry!)


First off:


Did anyone else think that the producers had decided to reformat (sorry- bad pun) Dot’s image in Season three?? First there was the double breast thing, then a whole new outfit in the same episode- (much nicer than the peach thing I thought).


Notched Right Arrow: Just a small change? Not really!









Pre- Season 3


Maybe it was just an outfit change- could’ve been, you never know. But then when the Saucy Mare returns, and the whole cast is together again (yay!) Dot’s outfit to put it..torn in all the right places- it’s no wonder Bob wanted to hug her!







See what I mean?? Just thought I’d see if anyone noticed that. I really want to put a poll up for each of the characters’ nicest outfits…but I can’t so we’ll have to live without *sob



There are other female characters that this has happened to as well, namely AndrAIa. They haven’t even given her a complete outfit!



(I’m just commenting on this by the way- just wondering, nothing meant by it.)










Would a world inside a computer have such things as weddings? This is probably another way to show my misgivings about this whole topic in Fanfics but you’ve got to wonder…