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Mind Games

This is my attempt a at sequel for the Fic With No Name, 'cause I didn't really like the ending of the last one that much.

Chapter One

Bob woke to the sound of cars passing quietly and birds singing outside. Opening his eyes, he quickly closed them again. Light was streaming in through his window and it hurt. Bob opened them slowly, letting them get used to the light. He was lying sprawled out on his stomach in his bed, the covers wrapped half way around him and his right arm hanging over the edge. Yawning, he pushed himself up and swung his legs over the side of the bed.

It had been five seconds since the system had been restarted, and Bob was finally getting used to living in Mainframe again. It had been interesting the way things were turning out with all the changes. Ray staying in the system, two Enzos, no Megabyte, and most of all, Dot. Bob grinned and got up, clicking his icon to get dressed in his downloaded armor. While the war was over now, they had all decided to keep their armor because they were used to it now.
Still half asleep, he walked into his kitchen and opened the fridge. It was empty except for an old energy shake. Great Ray. Bob thought. The surfer had been temporarily living with Bob because he had no place of his own. He was a slob.I wonder how such a wimpy guy can have such a big appetite. Bob wondered, staring at his empty fridge and feeling hunger creeping up on him
Bob looked on the couch, but Tracer was gone. He always woke up earlier than Bob, and usually went to Mouse's, or to teach little Enzo how to surf. The two were good friends, but not as good as Matrix and Enzo. No one had known what to expect when the two met, but it went amazingly well, and even AndrAIa was surprised with the results. The two were always together. Dot on the other hand was constantly busy with the new changes to the system. It wasn't quite as bad as it had been the first two seconds, but she was still hard to contact. Even when it was possible for Bob to get in contact with her, she was usually busy with Enzo. The day before, Bob hadn't even seen her.

Bob headed to the door, wanting to get something to eat at Dot's, but a vid window appeared in front of him. Turbo's worried face looked through. "Bob! We need your help, you have to come to the Super Computer as fast as possible! Daemon is taking over!"


"Are you done yet, Dot?" Dot scowled at the sound of her friend's muffled voice. "Mouse! You just asked me that! No, not yet, this place is small." She struggled around to lie on her back. Dot and Mouse were in the operations room. It was empty except for the two sprites because Mainframe wasn't at war anymore and they didn't need it. Dot was squeezed into a small crawl space trying out a suggestion the surfer had given her. Finishing her work, Dot closed the panel and began to squirm back out. Good thing I'm not claustrophobic. She mused.
As she slid out, she signalled for Mouse to turn the power back on. Mouse complied, and went to a workstation. "He was right!" she called out, a tinge of pride in her voice. "The system is much faster now."

Dot sighed and got up. "One thing done, 43 more to go." Mouse didn't hear her; she was too busy playing with the upgraded controls. Dot walked into the hall, heading for Phong's office but stopped when she heard her organizer beep. She had a message. Detaching it from her hip, she opened it and saw Bob on the other end. "Hi!" she greeted him, happy for the interruption. Bob didn't greet her back, saying seriously "Dot, you have to come to my place now." Dot would have made a joke, but Bob did not look like he was in the mood. "This better be important-" she was cut off by the Guardian. "It is." he said gravely. The screen flicked off.


There was a small knock on his door, and when he opened it, Dot was at the door. Bob invited her in trying to fake happiness, but Dot knew him well enough to know something was wrong. "Bob!" she said, crossing her arms. "Tell me what's so important." He sighed at sat on his couch, kicking one of the surfer's cans out of the way. Dot sat beside him, interested to know what could make him act like this. There was an awkward silence.

"I- " he stopped. Dot took his hand, wanting him to continue. "I have to go to the Super Computer." Dot almost sighed in relief. The news wasn't as bad as she thought it would be. "That's okay." Bob coughed deliberately. "Um, there's more. I have to go because the remaining Guardians need my help to destroy Daemon." Dot blinked in surprise. "That's not okay." she said quietly, frowning. "Dot, I can't help it. I have to help them or Daemon will take over the Super computer." Inside he too was mad that he had to go back to the Super computer, but knew this was bigger than him. This would involve all of the Net and the known Web.
"Fine, but I'm coming with you." Dot said stubbornly. Now it was the Guardian's turn to frown. "I don't want you to, you should stay here with your brothers. You are the, Dot." Dot scowled. "If I hear that one more time, I'll be sick. I never actually wanted the position."
"What about little Enzo, are you just going to leave him?" Dot shook her head. "No. He and Matrix have been getting along really well. All Enzo talks about is Matrix. I could ask him to look after him." Bob ran his hand through his hair, trying to think of what to do. He had to leave the next morning, and Dot was the first person he had told. He wouldn't have, but he had to keep his promise to her. Bob knew she would never except no for an answer, and neither would he if he were in the same situation.
"Alright." Dot gave Bob a small victorious smile. She never lost, and she intended to keep it that way.

"Are you going to tell anyone else?" Dot inquired. Bob got up. "I was going to tell Phong, but no one else. They would all want to help, and I don't want anyone getting hurt. It's too dangerous." Dot knew he was right. "Let's go see him then." She got to her feet and went after Bob.


Phong was sitting in his chair typing frantically away on a keypad when the couple walked in. "Hello my children." He said, not even looking up from his work. "What can I do for you?" Dot glanced at Bob, wondering how he was going to explain it. "Phong, we have some bad news." That caught the his attention, and he looked up. "Yesterday Turbo contacted me. I have to go to the Super Computer. The Guardians need any help they can get to fight Daemon before she takes over the Super Computer." Phong pushed his key pad away. "I see." he said, obviously deep in thought. "Are you going alone?" Dot spoke up. "I'm going too." Phong raised his eyebrows in surprise. "Does Matrix or Mouse know about this?" Bob shook his head negatively. "No, and we intend to keep it that way."

Phong got up. "I knew it might come to this. Well, you will need some help, and I have some ideas for you." Dot and Bob exchanged glances, both wondering what kind of ideas he was talking about. They followed him to the opps room, where he stopped at a workstation. "If you are going to go, you need to hide the fact that you are a Guardian, Bob. Give me your PID." Bob detached the disk and handed it to him. Phong took it and placed it on the table. Then he began entering codes. Bob watched as his PID turned from yellow to white, and the edges turned into one of a normal PID. Now it looked exactly like Dot's. "Now for Glitch." Bob reluctantly took off the keytool and handed it to Phong. As soon as Glitch had left his arm, Bob's silver armor morphed into his old Web armor. Dot stared at him, uncomprehending his new appearance. "Glitch has to be attached for us to stay downloaded." Bob explained. Dot thought about it. Makes sense.

Phong put Glitch in the same spot, and Dot and Bob watched in awe as it disappeared from sight. Phong reached out and took what looked like nothing off the table. "A hidden file command?" Dot asked. Phong nodded, and put the key tool back on Bob's arm. His armor instantly turned into the downloaded version. "Thank you." Bob said gratefully.

After a short time planning with the old sprite, they left. As they flew back to Kits, Bob felt his stomach growl. He hadn't eaten in nanos. Dot looked at him. "You have to eat you know."
"I know, but Ray ate everything in my apartment." Dot shook her head in mock pity. "Poor you." Bob grinned and made a grab for her, but she saw it coming and zipped forwards. Bob didn't count on missing, and lost his balance, almost falling off. "Where did you learn to board?" Dot asked sarcastically from in front of him. Bob regained his balance and raced after her, Dot laughing and flying ahead to his apartment.

When they arrived, they were both out of breath from chasing each other. Dot heard another message on her organizer, and saw it was Enzo. Probably wondering where I was all day. "Bob, I have to go. I'll see you tomorrow." She kissed him goodbye and took off. Bob watched in regret and went into his apartment.


Dot woke to the next morning to her little brother jumping on her bed. She would have to get used to this again. He tried to say something, but Dot grabbed him and began wrestling with him. It was an unfair fight, and Dot won with little effort. Enzo sat on her legs panting. Dot looked up and cried out in surprise. "Oh yeah, I was gunna tell you. Bob' here." The Guardian was standing in the doorway watching. He grinned and shook his head. Things have changed so much. If this was the past, I would be the late one. Dot vaulted out bed, nearly knocking Enzo off the bed. "Sorry." she said to both her brother and Bob, rushing past him to get ready. Enzo hopped off the bed. "Did you have breakfast?" Bob had forgotten he hadn't. "No, I guess not." Enzo grabbed his hand and pulled him into the kitchen. Then he bent down into one of the cupboards, searching for something. "You can have some cereal with me." The small sprite emerged, pulling out a large box of Frosted Binomes, his favorite. Enzo had a habit of picking out all the healthy bits and just eating the binome shaped marshmallows. He pulled out a huge bowl and some milk, and dumped the milk and cereal together, getting the milk all over the counter. Dot came into the kitchen ready to go. Seeing the mess, she sighed. "Enzo, you're as bad as Ray!" He beamed, thinking it was a compliment. Dot didn't have time for this. "We have to go, but clean it up and Matrix can come over. Maybe he'll take you somewhere." Enzo instantly grabbed a cloth and began cleaning up the mess. Bob and Dot left, taking their zipboards to level 31. They wanted this to be in a secret location, because if the others knew, they would all want to come.

Upon reaching the dark alley behind Al's, Dot stood against the wall, watching as Bob formed a portal with his hands. She wanted to stay so badly, but she couldn't let Bob fight Daemon alone. She would never forgive herself if something happened to him. At least this way she could try to help if something went wrong. After a short time, the portal was finished. He shot her an uncertain look. "Are you sure you want to come?" Dot nodded confidently. "Definitely."

Dot looked at it, slightly unsure if she wanted to go through with it. "Ready." asked Bob, knowing she had never been to the Super Computer before. "Yes." she answered calmly. "Do you want to go first?" Bob asked. Dot looked at the portal and then back at Bob. "Could you?" He smiled, "Sure." Dot watched as he stepped into it, then disappeared. Dot procrastinated. She had never like traveling by tears, they were too unpredictable. Taking a deep breath, she stepped through.

Bob was shot through the air and landed hard on his hands. He got off his hands and knees and dusted himself off. His leg stung a bit. It had only been a few seconds since Megabyte had sliced him, and the wound wasn't completely healed. Looking around, he found himself in the middle of a empty alley. Bob positioned himself under the tear, ready for Dot. There was a bright flash, and Dot dropped into his arms. He set her down on her feet and let her get a look at her surroundings. "Nice." she muttered.
Together they left the alley and found themselves on the sidewalk of a busy street. Huge buildings rose to impossible heights, and gave Dot the feeling she was totally insignifigant. Dot had never seen anyplace so busy, and instantly didn't like it. Binomes, sprites and countless other creatures lined the streets, but to Dot's surprise, it looked very peaceful.

Bob watched the scene, and felt a wave of nostalgia. It was his first home, and everything seemed familiar. He took her hand and began leading her down the street. "Do you know where you're going?" Dot asked, watching as a sprite with six eyes brushed passed. Bob nodded." Turbo told me where to find him." he said quietly. He didn't want anyone to hear the Prime Guardian's name. It would give them away for sure.

Suddenly from somewhere ahead, Bob heard several blaster shots, and a man's terrified scream. A Guardian pushed through the crowd, frantically trying to escape. The crowd began to panic and run away into the alleys for cover as a second Guardian came into view. Bob pulled Dot's hand, saying "It's probably not a good idea for us to stick around." He led her around the side of the nearest building and the two watched from the side of the street as the scene unfolded.

The first man fell to the ground, his hands landing with a smack on the hard cement. He looked frantically for a place to hide, but the crowd was gone, and he couldn't blend in anymore. He tried to sit up, only to see the infected Guardian hovering directly above him. "Traitor." the Guardian spat from above, and fired his blaster. The man screamed as his body disintegrated. His PID and keytool dropped on the ground. The Guardian smiled cruely and stepped off his board. Walking to the spot where the man had just been , he put his foot down on the PID and twisted, the disk cracking and splintering to pieces when the pressure was applied. He got back on his board and took off.

The street was still empty; the inhabitants in hiding for the moment. Bob looked cautiously around and stepped into the deserted street. He went to the PID and bent down. As Dot did the same beside him, he showed her the crumbling yellow and black disk. "He was in my graduation class." Dot put her hand on his shoulder in sympathy. "I'm sorry." Bob gave a small, half smile. "It's okay, we were never friends. Actually, we pretty much hated each other, but even he didn't deserve that." Dot looked at the keytool. "What did he do wrong?" Bob shook his head. "He wasn't totally infected yet, and was part of the Rebellion against Daemon. " Bob sighed, looking at his peer's crushed PID. The keytool suddenly began making strange noises and spinning rapidly. Dot stared in shock at it, not because it was moving, but because she could understand what it was saying. "Guardian 453 has been deleted."

Dot put her hands to her mouth. Bob turned to her, about to translate what the keytool had said, but she waved her hand to silence Bob. "I heard it." Bob looked at her in a questioning manner. "What? That's impossible." Dot carefully picked up the black keytool. "Though you are not a Guardian, I have chosen you to be my new host. Do you accept?" Dot raised her eyebrows, not expecting that. "Uh, of course." The keytool floated up from her hand and flew to her armband, attaching itself. "My name is Spike." the deep mechanical voice said. Dot felt a warm feeling inside as the keytool mentally bonded to her.

She stood up slowly, looking at her new companion. Bob blinked in surprise with an awestruck look on his face. "Dot? A keytool?" He shook his head, thinking he had fallen a little too hard from the portal. She smiled at him happily. Bob got up scratching his head. Keytools have always picked Guardians for hosts. I've never heard of this before. Bob reached out and hugged her, truly happy, but worried what would happen if she was mistaken for a Guardian. He pulled away, realizing something. "How ironic. A Spike is an opposite to a Glitch."
Glitch began speaking, a sound Dot though she would never understand. "Welcome Dot." The keytool had a calm, pleasant sounding voice. "Spike is my production brother. He was created a short time after me. I am older." Dot could have sworn she heard a hint of sibling rivalry in its voice." Bob smiled at her, sensing the same thing.

The moment was shattered when the binomes and sprites began coming out of their hiding spots. Bob looked around wearily. "Come on, we have to find Turbo."

Chapter Two

Bob and Dot stood outside a cemetery, night falling fast. Dot peered through the rusty fence uncertainly, remembering the game she had played a while ago in Mainframe. "Here?"
Bob nodded and forced the gate open, which squeaked in protest. They followed a small gravel path past countless tombstones, some looking new, some like they had been there for years. The path led to a section of the graveyard which was in a terrible state of disrepair. A large gray mausoleum stood in the center. It was a old building, and was very carefully created, with corinthian pillars and intricate carvings along the top.
Bob strode in through the arched doorway with Dot right behind. It was pitch black in the small building. Bob held his hand out, a small orb of light forming in his palm. Unlike the outside, the inside was mostly undecorated and fairly empty, except for a large stone sarcophagus with a stone slab for a lid. Bob put his hands against the slab and began shoving. It began sliding away slowly with a grinding sound. Dot looked at Bob like he had went random. What does he want with a corpse?Bob pushed the lid far enough for a sprite to get through, and climbed up on the edge. "Bob, what are you doing?" He swung his legs into the coffin and cast her a knowing look. Then he slid down, the darkness engulfing him. Dot rushed to the stone tomb and peered in, thinking she was going to see a decaying carcass. Instead, she saw Bob about six feet below, grinning up at her. Dot bit her lip angrily and climbed into the sarcophagus, jumping down beside him.

He looked around in the light cast by the energy sphere in his hand. They were in a stone passageway, that looked like a lot of traffic passed through it recently. Bob stepped forward and began down the hall. Dot followed reluctantly.

The passage had many twists in it, and at one point, it split into two. Bob never even hesitated, taking the left one. They continued a short distance until they passage began to seem lighter. Bob slowed down as a deep voice called out. "Say the password or you won't live long enough to wish you had." Bob breathed in, and called out "Free the Net!"

There was a moment of silence, then two figures walked into sight. One was a man carrying a large laser rifle. He had orange skin, and was wearing a standard Guardian uniform. He had been the one to call out. There was something strange and cold about him, and he glared at them like they were traitors.
The female sprite that stood before them was fairly plain looking, but carried herself with confidence. Her skin was a dark blue, almost black, and her eyes were the total opposite, a light aqua colour. The contrasting colours made for an interesting effect. Her purple hair hung in layers around her face. She wore a simple white tank top that tied up in the front, but the strings hung loose on the top. On her legs she wore black pants with boots similar to Dot's own. Attached at her hip were three ninja stars, her apparent weapon of choice. Like Dot, she had a tattoo. Hers was a frighteningly realistic web creature coiled around her upper arm. Unlike Dot, she also had a silver loop pierced through her eyebrow. Dot cringed, wondering why anyone would ever want to do that to themselves. Her gold and black PID was attached on her belt.
She extended her hand towards Bob. "Hello, this is Res. My name's Vector. You must be Guardian 452. And this is..." she motioned to Dot.
"I'm Dot Matrix of Mainframe." The woman smiled and reached out to shake Dot's hand.
"Sorry about the welcome, but we have to have tight security down here." Vector waved her hand and the man went back to his post. "We don't call ourselves Guardians anymore, we're called the 'Defenders'. It comes from To Mend And Defend. Not that that phrase has much meaning around here anymore."

She led them through a large open metal door into a large rectangular room made out of the same stone as the halls. A few Defenders were talking with each other, but other than that the room was basicly empty. Dot glanced around.
"Where exactly is 'here'?" Vector grinned, slightly amused. Dot couldn't see what was so funny, and she wasn't sure whether she liked the woman or not.
"He didn't tell you?" Dot shook her head, giving Bob a sideways glance.
"This is where all the Guardians who are opposed to Daemon's control stay. We have to stay down here, if we're found, we'll be deleted on the spot. We're all infected, but we can all fight it. For the moment." She pointed to the infection that glowed on her temples. She then turned to Bob. "Turbo will be back soon. For now he assigned me to show you around. He's very fond of you, 452."
Bob smiled. "Just Bob." Vector smiled back, "Alright. You don't have to call me Vector, everyone around here just calls me Tor." Dot raised her eyebrows. That would certainly take some getting used to. "Let me show you the place."

Tor led them into another side hallway left of the main room with many doors along the right side. "These are the living chambers. They're small, but it's all we need. We don't spend much time in them anyway." The blue skinned sprite pushed open one of the doors, ushering them inside.

The room was small. In fact, it was tiny. It contained a twin bed with normal blue energy covers on it, a small light attached to the wall above it, and a small table. There was maybe two feet between the wall and the bed.

"This is where you'll be staying. Sorry about the accommodations, but we were just expecting one sprite." Dot felt guilty, hoping she wasn't dragging Bob down. "If we switch some of the arrangements around, I'm sure we can get you your own room." Dot quickly shook her head, not wanting Tor to change the whole place around for her. "It's okay. I can stay here." Tor raised an eyebrow, amused. "If you're sure." Dot nodded. As they left the room, Bob looked at Dot, smiling. "Don't get any ideas." she said brushing past him.

They left the living area and Tor continued the tour down the hall, leading them to a room far from the others at the very end. They entered and found themselves in a small room, moisture hung in the air. The stone floor dropped off, and the rest of the floor was energy. "This is the poolroom. If you ever want to get clean after a game, or just swim around, this is the place."
Tor left, this time taking them to the right side of the main room. Going under a large stone arch she showed them another large room with a high ceiling, this one filled with tables. "This is where we eat. Not the best food in the Super Computer, but better than the stuff in the prisons."

"Bob!" came a voice from behind them. The group turned to see Turbo entering with two other Guardians. The older man grabbed Bob by the shoulders, overjoyed. "You finally got back from the Web! For a while we thought you were deleted. It's such a relief to know you're safe!"

Tor came up behind Dot. "I think they have some stuff to do. Let's get out of here, the boys might be awhile. If you want I can show you around the Super Computer." Dot smiled. She was beginning to get over her distrust of the sprite. "Sure. Just give me a couple mills."

The two sprites walked in silence down the long, dark hallway. "So, where exactly does that other passage go? The one on the right when you come down here." Dot asked. Tor continued walking. "I'll show you when we get there."

When Tor reached the fork, she turned down the othe passage, Dot doing the same. The Defender walked slowly foward, then stopped. Dot looked at her questioningly. Tor just grinned, saying "Path, light." A narrow beam of light from the keytool lit up the small tunnel, revealing a spot about foot away, where the floor just dropped off. Dot edged forward and peered in, gasping. Below her, she could see a room with large spikes jutting up from the floor about a foot and a half apart. "This is what we call the Oublier. It's a trap for outsiders that chose the wrong passage. Those that aren't luckly enough to fall on the spikes starve to death."

Dot stepped back carefully. She had been around Cecil long enough to pick up a bit of his strange dialogue. "Doesn't that mean to 'forget'. Tor nodded. "You're good. Yes, that's what it means. We like to forget about them." Vector moved her arm, the light now shinning on an old, decayed skeleton. Tor looked at her seriously. "Don't forget which path to take." Dot shook her head, and followed Tor soberly down the passage.
When they reached the end of the tunnel, Dot found herself looking up at the inside of the tomb. Stone indents were carved roughly in the wall, forming a ladder to the lid. Tor climbed to the top and shoved on the bottom of the stone lid. It slid away slowly, light penatrating the dark room.
When the two sprites had climbed out of the sarcohgagus, Tor turned to Dot. She pressed her icon, which changed her outfit to a white tube top and metallic pants. "We change our clothes every time we go to the surface." she said, tying her hair up. "This way, people will be less likely to recognize us. You too should change." Dot looked at her grey armor. "To what?" Vector shruged. "Anything." Dot paused for a moment, then clicked on her icon, letting the green light encircle her. When it dissipated, she was wearing a white halter top and plain black pants. "Nice choice." Tor commented, giving her a thumbs up.

15 milliseconds later, Dot found herself standing on a busy sidewalk in the heart of the immense city. "What would you like to do?" Tor said, almost shouting over the sound of the cars and people. Dot had never been to the Super Computer, so she didn't have any idea what she wanted to do.
At that moment, the sky faded from blue, to a dark crimson in colour.


a deep voice announced over the entire system. "I have an idea," Tor said as she pointed at the descending game.

When the game landed around them, Dot looked around at their location. They appeared to be standing in the middle of a large room with Myan carvings covering the walls, and vines growing on the ground. Tor grumbled from beside her. "Which game are we in, Tor?" Dot inquired, wanting to know the reason for Tor's complaining. She sighed. "Welcome to the wonderful world of Lara Croft, the most scantily clad archeologist in the game world." Dot raised her eyebrows, slightly amused at her sarcasticness. "Well, let's get this over with before we run into an infected Guardian. They aren't particullarly nice people." The familiar green cylinder envelopped them, and Dot discovered she was no longer in sprite form, but in the body of a wolf. Tor looked exactly like her, except for Path, who was somehow attached to her canine leg. "Let's find some cover before she gets here." Almost simoutaniously, the User entered through the nearest door. She was a tall woman with brown hair in a pinned up braid, and was wearing khaki shorts, a blue-green tank top, and a ludicrously small backpack. Two pistols hung from her sides.

From behind the chunk of ruin which the two had taken cover behind, Dot looked at Tor with a inquiring look. "Guy Users invented this game." Dot nodded, understanding. "Figures." Dot heared a wolfish chuckle at her statement. "Maybe we can end this game quickly. When she walks by, just jump out and try to take her down. Watch out for the pistols, though. She can be pretty fast." As if to demonstrate her skills, the User did a back flip, and shot an incomming bat from the ceiling. Bob was right. Games are faster in the Super Computer. Dot thought to herself. "Show off." was Tor's placid response. Now it was Dot's turn to laugh.
The User neared them, looking around cautiously. Obviously not cautiously enough, because she came too close to the rock, and Tor leapt from behind it with amazing speed. Dot growled and followed, lunging for her throat. Her jaws locked around the woman's neck, and she gave a strangled scream. Lara attempted to throw the two wolves off, but she was pinned. Dot only released her grip when she felt the User grow limp. "Great job, Dot!" Tor barked happily, stepping away from the corpse.


The game ascended, and again they were on the busy street. Binomes and sprites rushed everywhere, acting like nothing had just happened, or not caring.
Tor turned to her, smirking with anticipation. "Thirsty?"

Turbo pulled out a vid window with a large map of the Principal Office and laid it on the floor. "This is the only remaining map of the P.O because Daemon tried to destroy them all when she took over. We had to steal this one from her." Bob peered at it, remembering the layout from his past when he had been taught at the Guardian Academy, which was located in the building. Turbo stood with his arms crossed, looking at the Defenders that surrounded him. "Our job is to find some way in so we can get rid of the Virus once and for all. We need to make a plan." Bob smiled ironicly. Dot should be here, she would love this. I wonder where she is, anyway?

Dot walked across the loud, smokey room, wondering why she was there. Tor had taken her down one of the side allies and to a door saying, "I was supposed to do a little scouting before I learned you two were comming. Would you like to help me get some info?" Dot, of course, had agreed, but she didn't know what Tor had meant by it. Now she did.
Tor walked up the the bar and sat down on a vacant stool. Next to her a binome was passed out in his chair. Tor gave him a shove, and he toppled out and onto the floor. "Have a seat." she said. Dot stepped over the body and sat down, looking around. The bar was filled with all sorts of rough binomes and sprites, some who looked like they would kill you if you even looked at them.
"Hey ladies. Like a drink?" Dot turned back at the sound of the bartender's deep voice. He was a tall, muscular sprite with several tatoos on his arms, and one above his eye. He looked directly at Dot. "An IO." Tor looked at her with admiration. "I'll have one too." He nodded and went to get their drinks. " You don't seem like the kind of girl who likes that kind of thing." Dot smiled. Actually, she had always liked them. She had been surprised when she learned that it was Matirx's favorite drink. "Hard liquor must run in the family." Mouse had joked.

When the drinks came back, Tor started a conversation about Mainframe. Dot was about to explain about Megabyte, when two men came up behind them. "So. What are two beautiful girls like you doing here?" Dot and Tor looked at the men. The man who had spoken was tall with grey skin and green eyes. He was wearing what looked like a modified version of the standard Guardian uniform, and had short black hair. "Who wants to know?" Tor asked, looking him over.
He smiled. "The name's Bryce, and this," he jerked his thumb in the direction of his friend, "Is Link."

The other man was a bit shorter, but had a bigger build. He had light red skin and blue eyes. He flashed a broad grin at Dot, who smiled a little, not liking the man, but playing along. "How would you like to join us at the back?" Dot was sure Vector would decline, but instead she looked at him and said, "Sure just let us finish our drinks." Tor put the small glass to her mouth and finished off the drink in two swallows. Dot did her one better by polishing it of in one. "She's good." Link said, speaking for the first time. Dot passed him a smile as she followed Tor to the back of the room. I wonder what Bob would think of this? she thought, wondering if he would be jealous.
They came to a booth in a dark coner where Bryce slid in, making room for Tor. Link motioned for her to go first. She did, but Dot didn't like the fact that she was now pinned between the two men. Link took a swig of from his bottle, Dot noticing that he didn't exactly look too sober. "So ladies, and you two new to the Super Computer? I haven't seen you around here before." The last few words of Bryce's sentence were slurred. Tor played along. "Yes, we just got here. You boys wouldn't mind answering a few questions for us, would you?" Bryce shook his head. "Ask away."

Tor started off with simple questions, but as the night grew later, the men just got more and more plastered, and Dot and Vector were able to get quite a lot of information about the Guardians from them. There was a loud thump as Link fell unconscious and his head hit the table. Dot tried hard not to laugh.
"Well, sorry fellas but we've got to go." Bryce didn't even notice as Tor pushed him out of the way to get out. "Bye boys!" Dot said, blowing them a kiss. Bryce tried to catch it, but was too drunk and fell over. Tor laughed happily, and they ran out of the bar, leaving the Guardians in their drunked stupor.

"That was great Dot! I got all the information I needed. Thanks for putting up with that." She just grinned. "I'm whipped. Let's get back to the base before Turbo finds out where I took you."

Dot had had fun, but she was happy when she walked through the main doors in the Defender base. Bob, Turbo and several other Defenders were seated on the floor around a collection of blueprints, plan and strategies. "Where you two?" Bob asked, seeing that Dot was wearing something different. "Hitting on Guardians." Dot answered in an uncaring tone, only wanting to get to their room and get some much-needed sleep. "That's nice." Turbo said calmly, used to Tor's ways. Bob went back to planning the attack, his head bent over the vid window. Suddenly the full extent of her words hit him, and he jerked his head up. "What!" Jumping to his feet, he ran out of the room after her, Turbo grinning at the younger man's reaction.

Dot put her hands on the door and was about to push it open, when she heard footsteps behind her. "Dot!" Bob slid to a stop right beside her. "What exactly did you mean by that?" She smiled, unused to seeing him jealous. "Don't worry, Bob. We just did it to get some information about Daemon from them. They were drunk anyways." She kissed him and went into the room, leaving him out in the hall. And thatís supposed to make me feel better?

Dot didn't even bother to change. She just pulled back the covers and crawled under them, grateful to be horizontal. In a matter of moments, she was fast asleep.

Part Two