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Pet Hates 










Okay, I know most of you are cringing at this page already cos itís pink, but I was running out of colours. Anyway, I hope this page wonít stay so bare for too long, but it depends on feedback. Iím just gonna let off steam with some of the things I donít like in fics. (By the way, this is just my opinions- just for fun k?)



First off:


Why is it that someone (usually Bob and Dot) has to get engaged or married? I think out of the three couples the only ones that could get married believably would be Matrix and AndrAIa, purely because theyíve spent their whole lives together already.

Although I must admit that the Mouse and Ray marriage in Roebootís ĎInfestationí series was sweet.

Bob and Dot getting married would really not happen, I mean look how long it took them to get together in the first place!



Self- inclusion!

I donít like these fics where the writers include themselves as a new character- but lots of them are so well written I end up reading them anyway! The problem I find with these sorts of fanfics is that they focus on those characters completely and forget about the original ones. But thatís just my view on itÖ




Loadsíve new characters!

I know Iím just getting picky now but I keep reading these fics that have Mainframeís characters in for the first couple of sentences then change to a completely new set that are based vaguely around stuff from ReBoot, like Guardians from the Super Computer.



I feel better now. Iíll probably think of more so Iíll put them up when I think of them. Any further comments or disagreements can be posted to