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Daemon In Mainframe



Part 1

Hexadecimal's Interest


Ever since the restart, Hexadecimal had become bored. Her guardian was always fun to intimidate, but it was getting old. Every time she talked to him Dot would appear out of nowhere as if she had a camera always watching her. She decided to do something very different that day.

She thought to herself, “This will be fun, even though Bob will be mad at me. Well not really, I am, after all, a Chaos virus”. She waved her hand to her, now repaired, Looking Glass. She had gotten Bob to come to her Lair to fix it for her. Even though he wasn’t to glad that I had made him stay here afterwards for some tea and biscuits.

She had asked Dot if she could start a business of her own selling her biscuits. It would’ve been called, “Hex’s Tea & Biscuits” or “Hex’s Homemade Biscuits”. She still hadn’t given up that idea. Her Looking Glass lit up. She focused her energy to show her what the sprites were during. They were at Dot’s Diner, of course.

Mike the TV was running after Bob yelling, “You can get this special one-of-a-kind offer for only 99.99.99!” Matrix was trying to target him with his gun while Bob kept screaming, “Mike! SHUT UP!!”

Hexadecimal laughed aloud, catching Scuzzy’s attention. Scuzzy made a loud purring noise. Hex thought about this for a few moments and chose to take a visit with Scuzzy to see the sprites. It had been seconds since they had seen each other last. Energy swarmed out of the palm of her hand and encircled Scuzzy. She and Scuzzy downloaded into her mask and made it’s way to Dot’s Diner.


Bob was tired of running around the Diner because of Mike. He was about to turn around and finally shut Mike up but right then a mask faded into the background. A red light flashed before showing Hexadecimal’s image. The lights of the Diner were shining off her leather suit.

As Bob stopped running, Mike ran into his legs flipping him over. “Mike!”, he cried. Mike stood up seeing Hex standing there. He then turned back to Bob and began shouting sales again. Hexadecimal, standing across the room, couldn’t stand the noise. She pointed her hand at Mike. Red energy flowed out of her black hand. It flew at Mike. Mike yelled out in protest. She transported him out of the Diner. Mike, scared from the experience, ran away.

“Hello Bob. I could see through my Looking Glass that Mike was once again on the prowl”, she said, smiling.

“Viruses aren’t allowed, even registered ones. Now get out!!” Matrix ordered from behind Hex.

“Matrix! This is my Diner so I say who can stay and who can go and Hex can stay”, Dot snapped.

“Warning! Incoming Game!” a woman voice announced above Mainframe.

“Not another one, it hasn’t even been a second yet”, Bob cried in exasperation as he walked out the door with the others. Hex walked outside with them, with Scuzzy close behind. He purred loudly catching his mistress’s attention. She turned and remembered that he couldn’t go into the game because he didn’t have an icon.

“Oh, Scuzzy! I almost forgot that you didn’t have an icon. I guess I’ll have to get Phong to give you an icon to. Well I can’t right now, why don’t you just go have some fun while I’m in the game”, she said smiling and turned, downloaded into her mask, and flew after the others.

The game landed on the group. Scuzzy purred loudly and scurried off in the direction of Old Pearson’s dump.


To Bob this was a very weird game. It was a new one. There were racers everywhere. He looked over the game stats. “The point of this game is for one of our group to come in first on 10 tracks. The game starts once we reboot. We’ll be transported into a cart. There’s going to be one game sprite driving in all the racing tracks. But on the 10-track we have to win or the User wins because he will be the new player. There are also going to be game sprites on each level trying to mess up our driving. We also have to hit the boxes with question marks on them and we can use what’s in them to help us win. All together this game is called Crash Team Racing (p.s. I know this game goes on a Play-station and not a computer but I just thought it would be a fun game.)”, he explained.

“Oooh! This ought to be fun!” Hex announced behind the group of sprites.

“You! What are you doing in a game!?” Matrix cried angrily.

“I came because I was bored, you got a problem with that?” she said, threateningly.

“Matrix, who cares let’s just Reboot”, Bob stated reaching for his icon. Matrix reached down to Frisket’s icon while reaching for his own.

“Reboot”, the seven of them stated. Matrix had rebooted as a tiger named Tiny in a green cart. Frisket turned into a brown thing named Dingodile also with a green cart. Hex turned into someone named N.Gin who looked like a clown with a purple cart. Bob turned into a orange furry thing with a light blue cart and whose name was Crash. Enzo turned into a man with black hair and a big head with a red cart named Cortex. AndrAIa turned into a polar bear named Polar with a light blue cart and Dot was a orange furry thing with blonde hair and a pink cart who’s name was Coco.

“Okay, this is weird”, Dot said raising one eyebrow in question. Before anyone could say anything a buzzer that had three holes came down. The name of the track was on top of the buzzer. It said Cortex Castle. The first hole of the buzzer turned red as the devise buzzed, then the next turned yellow, and then green. The game sprite took off as the rest set there.

“Well, let’s get going”, Bob announced pressing his gas pedal down and taking off after the game sprite. Soon all of them were riding after Bob. There was a green speed turn at the edge where Enzo and Hex flew off and had to be brought up by a spinning mask.

“Now were behind”, Hex whined. Her eyes turned red, as she pressed down her gas pedal as hard as she could and flew over the bridge. Behind her Enzo twirled around as a flying spider sat on him. The box that she hit gave her a spinning mask that would help her get out of sixth place. Currently the game sprite and Bob were fighting over first place.

Part 2

The Game

Bob, who had now hit a box of Nitro that the game sprite had left right in front in him, was in fifth place. Hex had just flown by him. She had put her brakes on and had turned so her side was looking at him. She cackled and pointed at him then drove on. He looked at the track in Glitch. AndrAIa was in first place and was only one turn from the finish line. The game sprite was in fourth with Hex behind it firing three missiles at it. This was the first time he was glad of Hex's personality.

Enzo was behind him. "Who's winning Bob?" he asked. Bob noticed that Enzo's cart was giving off a lot of gas and smoke. The side of it was scratched.

"AndrAIa is about to win. Enzo, what happened to your cart? It looks like you went through the web for over five cycles", Bob asked, smiling.

"Nothing, it's just that I flew off the bridge at the beginning, then a gigantic spider tried to eat me, and then I hit the wall on that really sharp turn. But besides that this game has been alphanumeric!” Enzo replied happily.

"That spider wasn't trying to eat you, Enzo, it was just trying to take your points. That's what game sprites do", Bob said, amused. Before either sprite could say another word another voice announced the beginning of Level 2. A few seconds later the sprites, with the exception of Hexadecimal, were on Level 10 with the User.

"So that big green thing is the User?" AndrAIa asked. Frisket was growling at the creature as the green light on the buzzer started the Level. The Level was called Oxide Station. Everything on the track was either yellow or black. The User got to start one micro before the sprites.

"Hey! No Fair!!" Matrix said, taking off after him. Hexadecimal, who had learned a lot since the first level, past Matrix and was now right behind the User. She had the spinning mask again and started it right against the User's bumper. He spent around as she sped ahead along with Matrix and AndrAIa. The User had gotten right on AndrAIa's bumper and said, "Here's a little surprise" and threw a bomb at her knocking her out of the lead. He repeated it on Matrix and sped after Hexadecimal. Dot passed the bouncing carts of AndrAIa and Matrix. Dot had one missile and didn't want to waste it. She was along a long flat surface with no curves where the User was only a little ahead of her. He was trying to get right behind Hex but - thank the Net - had sense enough to keep moving from spot to spot. Dot fired the missile took a few micros to catch the User.

The User bounced backwards away from Hex. Hex looked back at her and yelled, "Thanks Dot!" and sped on. Dot made sure to keep behind the User so she could make sure he didn't get to far ahead. If she passed him he'd just hit her like he did AndrAIa and Matrix. As Dot continued hitting the User the system announced that the game was over as Hex passed the finish line.

The purple cube raised above their heads. "Ooh, that was so much FUN!" Hex cried excitedly. The sprites looked at her. She had her leather hands clasped beside the side of her head. A deep purr came below her as something large rubbed against her legs. "What?" she said and looked down. She smiled. It was only Scuzzy, except he was holding something silver in his mouth. She reached down and took the object from his mouth. It was a silver chain.

She gasped and wrapped the chain around her neck. The silver sparkled against her blood red skin. " Oh, Scuzzy. Is this for me, you shouldn't have", she said adoringly. She reached down and rubbed his head. The cat-like creature purred and smiled as best he could. " Oh dear, I almost forgot that I had to go ask Phong a favor", she said, thoughtfully. "Well, must be going, it was a pleasure", she smiled at the sprites then red energy flowed from her hand to Scuzzy and they downloaded into her mask.

The mask floated into the air and headed toward the principle office.


Phong was going through a couple of files to make sure they were correct when a red flash interrupted him. He turned to see Hexadecimal standing there in his office with her pet, Scuzzy. "Phong I came to ask a favor", she said to him as calmly as possible.

He fell from his desk and rolled over to another cabinet full of papers and files to go through. "And what, pray tell, might that favor be", he said, going through a couple of blue and yellow folders.

"If it isn't to much to ask, I was wondering if you could register Scuzzy. He's perfectly harmless. I'm sure you could give him an icon", she said, her green eyes growing very bright.

"Well, I can but he'll have to go through a couple of health scans to make sure he will perfectly fine having an icon", he said, still turned away from her.

"Can we go ahead and do it now?" Hexadecimal asked.

Part 3

Scuzzy's Icon

"Is the attack force ready, yet, commander?" a woman with glowing red eyes, black skin, and a red, uniquely designed, dress asked.

"Yes my lady", the man bowed before her. The green around his temples glowed in the dark room.

"Well then, continue with the attack", she commanded, harshly. The man quickly stood up and left the room. The woman laughed as the door to her throne room closed. 'Soon, very soon I will complete my collection of systems and the guardian collective. Once Mainframe is in my possession, I will destroy and reed havoc on the Net. Soon, Guardian 452, you will be mine', she thought to herself. She laughed aloud again as an army of guardians marched below her new castle, the Supercomputer.


"Phong, will you hurry up already! Your testing my patience", she said menacingly. Her claws had extended and her face was contorted into anger.

"I'm almost done, and you can wait Hexadecimal", Phong said, looking over Scuzzy's energy files. "Finished, it seems that all of Scuzzy's energy files are in healthy condition", he said, dropping down off the stool he had been using to study the scans and opened up his bottom case, reached in, and pulled out an icon. "Now, where should I pin it?" he asked Hex.

Instead of answering him, she reached out, took the icon, and pinned it in the bottom left corner beside his mouth. Scuzzy growled in appreciation. "Now Scuzzy can play in the games too", she said, rubbing Scuzzy's head. "Well, thank you Phong. But I really must be going", she said. Once again energy wrapped around Scuzzy as she disappeared from the principle office.


Dot, Matrix, AndrAIa, and Bob was in the Diner when a huge explosion took place outside. They ran outside to see ships (I don't know what they call those flying cars) flying over Mainframe and firing in every direction. "What in the Net!?" Dot cried as smoke started to rise from all around, binomes screaming and running. A red sparkle flashed in front of the group. Hexadecimal and Scuzzy appeared.

Hex noticed the ships as one fired at her. Before she could react the blast knocked her to the ground. Her body flew through the Diner as she was thrown by the blast of energy. As the smoke began to clear, Hex stood up, her eyes red as blood, and shot a blast of red energy balls at the ships. "Hex! Stop!" Bob said, running over to see if the registered virus was all right. "Are you okay, Hex?” Bob asked her, the rest of the group rushing over.

"I'll be fine as soon as that sprite pays for trying to delete ME!" she screeched, taking flight towards the army ships.

"Hex! Wait!" Bob cried, as he flew after her. Hex was already halfway to the invading sprites. 'I hope she doesn't delete him', Bob thought to himself, trying his best to catch the angry virus.

Part 4

Daemon's Viral Guardians

Hexadecimal had no thought but delete. You can change some things about a virus but when you try to delete them their code says to delete you. The energy blast had left, once again, a crack on her left cheek. She remembered her times with cracks. She felt horrible all the time even though it use to bring out the most energy in her at times. Hexadecimal was now close enough to kill. As she raised her right hand ready to blast, Bob reached out and pulled her backwards so she would lose concentration.

"Bob!? What are you doing, He was trying to DELETE me!" she screamed at him, her eyes, once again, flaring red in anger and insanity.

"I know, Hex, but there has to be an explanation. I mean why would sprites that we don't even know attack us", he said, calmly. He pulled her down to the ground towards the ground.

"Bob, what's going on!?" AndrAIa asked over the noise of the blasts of energy being fired from the ships.

"I'm not sure. Why would sprites be attacking Mainframe?" Bob said to himself, going through the possibilities.

"Well, maybe Daemon finally noticed our system, but I don't understand, you said that Mouse put some more traps around the portal to our Mainframe, so how did they get here, they don't have key-tools?" Matrix told Bob.

"I don't know! Does it look like I have all the answers!?" Bob said, exasperated. He looked around. "We have to get to the principle office before we're all deleted!" he said to them, his feet leaving the ground.

AndrAIa, Matrix, Dot, and Enzo climbed onto their zip boards and took off after Bob. Hexadecimal picked up Scuzzy and carried her as she flew after the group. Frisket began to run on foot.


"Phong, get every CPU officer out there firing at the enemy", Dot commanded.

"But, they're Guardians, we can't delete them. If we did get rid of Daemon, then we wouldn't have any Guardians left to protect us from the other viruses", Bob explained.

"Then what are we going to do, Bob?" Dot asked, expectantly. She couldn't believe that Bob was saying this. If they didn't complete the mission she had designed, then Daemon would infect all of Mainframe.

"We could drive them out. Hex could use her energy to drive them back into a portal out into the Net", Bob explained.

"But, how do we know we can trust her. We all know what she does when she's angry. She might try to delete them herself", Mouse said, pointing to the stunned Hexadecimal behind her. Mouse had joined them into the Principle Office when she seen the ships attacking.

"Mouse, Hex can do what we tell her. We can trust her with this. We know she is mad because they cracked her face, but since the restart, she's been able to control her anger, at least partly enough not to cause another Viral War", Bob told her, backing up Hex's respect.

Hex behind him, smiled thankfully. Inside she was ready for deletion because the once again pain in her face, but she could do this for them, they were her friends. Even if they didn't completely trust her. And besides, Mainframe was her home. She couldn't just let Daemon come in and steal the only peaceful life she had ever had. If it hadn't been for the restart taking away almost all the chaos in her, she would have already deleted the guardian that had fired at her.

"Okay, my child. We can trust her, for now. But if you want to complete this you had better get started before the Guardians delete all of Mainframe", Phong said. He turned to the VidWindow to the CPU's to tell them the new plan. "Commander, tell all of the CPU's forces to lay back. The Guardian has a new plan, so don't interfere unless you are told to by me", Phong said to the commander, then reaching up and, with his thin, golden digits, closed the VidWindow. "Bob do you need me to release a tear for you to create the portal?" Phong asked quickly, time was running short.

"Yeah, thanks Phong. Hex come on, we have to hurry", he said, beginning his exit of the Principle Office. Hex followed him, leaving Scuzzy behind.

"Phong? Do you think his plan will work?" Dot asked. She hoped the old sprite was sure with this plan of attack.

"For all our sakes, it must work", he said, his back to her, preparing the tear.


Hexadecimal was surprised that the Guardian would actually trust her with anything important. They were levitating themselves in front of the Principle Office. He was preparing the tear with Phong on a VidWindow. "Releasing the tear, . . . Now!" he announced to Bob.

When the tear appeared, Bob instantly floated over close behind the Guardians. They needed to hurry before the Guardians saw them. When the tear was in the right place, he mended it into a portal into the far reaches of the Net. Into another Daemon controlled system. When the portal was complete he gave Hex's cue. "Hex! Now!" he shouted to her. Everything was in her claws now, which really didn't make Bob feel any easier.

Hex downloaded into her cracked mask. Bob saw the white speck disappear and then reappear in front of the unprepared Guardians. She turned back into her original form. Lifted her hands and fired her red energy. She only fired a low amount so that it wouldn't delete them; only control them to go through Bob's portal. The first Guardian ship was forced through the portal followed soon by the rest.

After every infected Guardian had been forced through the portal, the portal disappeared on Bob's command. "Yes!" Bob announced, happily while forming a fist and throwing it into the air. He floated back over to the VidWindow. "Phong, the plan worked", he said.

"Of course it did, no one can resist my energy", Hexadecimal said haughtily, from behind. Bob was proud that she hadn't messed up the plan and that he was the one who had created that planned it. "Hey Phong, do you think that Mouse could form a Firewall big enough to cover the system portal?" he asked.

Phong was pushed out of the way as he was replaced by the purple hacker. "Of course I could sugar, but I'm afraid I don't have that much hardware on my own. Of course, I could always use part of the Principle Office's hardware", she said, trying her best to look innocent.

"If it has to do with helping the system, of course you can use the Principle Office's hardware", Phong told her pushing her out of the VidWindow only to be pushed back.

"Well then, I guess I can start on it now", the Hacker said, excited to handle that much hardware.


"What do you mean the plan failed", Daemon said harshly to the Commander of her viral army.

"Well, it seems that the system's registered virus, Hexadecimal, forced your forces out with her energy", he explained to her.

"Why don't we just form another attack force to go to Mainframe?" she asked him.

"Because the hacker, Mouse, has formed a huge firewall around the portal to their system. This system is amazingly tactful. They have a guardian, a virus, a hacker, a renegade, and a game sprite", he said in awe.

"Well, it makes no difference. Will just have to find another way in. I have a infected friend that is also a hacker. Maybe he can get through this, Mouse's, firewall", she said. She called up a VidWindow. "Officer Tina, could you get the Hacker, Moniter, up to my domain and let me have a little talk with him", she commanded.

"Right away, Mam", the officer informed her.

So the story has started to get to it's main starting point. I know Season 4 has already been made but I wanted to have a different version, where Hex doesn't die!

Part 5

Journey Into the Web

Two Seconds after Part 2

Mouse was exhausted. She had completed the Firewall seconds ago but the energy it took out of her to make hardware that largely focused with energy took it out of a sprite. So far Mainframe was secure once more, or at least for now. She took pride in being a hacker. She knew that ever since she had joined sides with Dot, Bob, and the others that she had friends. Hackers like her were usually around different systems, completing large amounts of hardware for anyone who paid. But she had changed from that. When she had been betrayed by Megabyte long ago and was almost deleted by the Guardians in the Supercomputer had shown her that going through hardware for different people that she didn't even know just wasn't worth it.

Bob and Dot had formulated another plan of attack. They had agreed, for once, that the only way to stop all this madness was to go to the Supercomputer and get rid of Daemon personally. Mouse had agreed to drive Ship for them out into the Web. They were planning to take Bob, Hex, because of the energy she had and that would come in handy, Matrix, Frisket, and Mouse.

AndrAIa was upset to be away from Matrix but she agreed that staying in Mainframe with Dot and Phong to make sure that Daemon didn't get through their system portal was important.

Ship was floating above Mainframe's sea of acidic energy beside Baudway ready to be loaded with supplies and a crew. They would have called upon The Red Binome's expertise, but they had lost connections with him while he was in the Web. They had assumed that Daemon had gotten to him and that him and his crew were infected.

Bob was saying his goodbyes to Dot like they would never see each other again. Hex had already boarded Ship and was on the deck. Looking out over at the beautiful sight of Mainframe. Mouse was thinking about Ray and where he could be or if he was infected as she watched Bob and Dot.

Matrix was talking away from the group with AndrAIa. Phong who was watching from a VidWindow announced, "I'm sorry young sprites but the time lock for the Firewall to lift is about to take place". Matrix quickly said goodbye to AndrAIa and Dot and boarded Ship soon to be followed by Bob. They waved goodbye to Dot, AndrAIa, Scuzzy, Phong, Hack, and Slash.

"Good luck, you guys!" Dot shouted to them. Bob gave her a thumbs-up before the firewall lifted and they were swept into the Web. The Web wasn't like it had last looked.

"What in the Net?!" Matrix said in shock. It looked more constructed, with green glowing things allover everything. Bob expected this. If Daemon could take over the Guardian Collective, then she could probably take over the Web as well. And it looked like she had. He turned his sight away from the orange ball that was their sealed system to go talk to Mouse.

As he entered the cockpit, he wondered what might happen to Mainframe if their mission failed. "Mouse, I was wondering if we could go a little faster. It looks like from the view on the deck that Daemon's already took over the Web. If we don't go faster some of the infected people down there might attack us", he explained to her as quickly as possible.

"I get it sugar, I noticed the marks to. Do you think because of her infection of the Web that she got Ray and the Red Binome's crew?" she asked.

"After seeing this, I wouldn't doubt it for a chance", he said. He knew how much she felt for the surfr but he was probably infected, and we should just get over the obvious facts now. As Mouse sped up and got closer to the Supercomputer, Hex came down to the two's company.

"You two should know something", Mouse noticed that the crack on her cheek seemed to be getting larger.

"What is it Hex?" Bob asked her.

"Someone's following us in another ship", she said to him. Bob made a shocked gasp and rushed up to the deck to look for whatever Hex had seen. He looked both ways. There was a web creature advancing on them from the front and a ship coming from their right.

"Bob what's going on?" Matrix asked. Below him Frisket growled at the approaching objects.

"I'm not sure, someone must have spotted us. We better prepare the hardware to fire", Bob told him turning towards the crates packed at the side of Ship.

"Alright!" Matrix said, picking up Gun. He went over to pick out guns for him and Bob. He knew he wouldn't be able to delete, but the sport of firing Gun was enough.

"Hex! Start shooting energy at them to drive them off. I want you to focus on the Web creature", he said formulating a plan off the top of his head.

"Right!" she smiled, her eyes turning red. She ran to the back of the ship, firing energy at the creature at the same time.

"Mouse! Try to go faster so the Web creature won't catch us and so that other ship can't get a clear ship", he yelled down the stairs of Ship to Mouse.

He was rewarded with the usual reply of, "Alright Suga' ". They fired several shots at the ship approaching faster. Sooner than expected the black ship fired back in every direction since it couldn't get a straight shot.

"Matrix! Shoot at the side so the ship tips over and then fire at the blasters", Bob ordered. Matrix didn't need to be told twice. In the first two shots the ship went down. Hexadecimal, who was behind them, cried out as the boosters attached to Ship started up, almost frying her digits.

"Hey! Watch it!" she screamed, as Matrix chuckled. They relaxed a little as Ship went as fast as possible. Soon, they lost track of the Web creature.

To be continued....

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