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These are some of my favourite Fanfics inspired by the computer-generated series. The best ones- in my opinion, have this next to them:

Happy reading!

An Old Adversary Guaranteed not to have been read before! Cos itís mine! Six parts to this so far, Bob and Dot fans will love this, but all the characters are involved! Anyways see whatcha think!

The Most Dangerous Game One of my all time favourite pre-season three fanfics. Really well written, not sure what the original was though.

CelebrationI really hope this fic is continued, but itís a mix of humour and romance- very cool.

The Fanfic With No Name This is defiantly one of my favourite fics. Provides an alternative ending to Season 3- perfect for Bob and Dot fans!

Mind GamesThis is the sequel to Fanfic with no name. Deals with Daemon in the Supercomputer-another one recommended by me!

The Daemon Conflict I love this fic, but itís like a book so whatever you do donít attempt to read it all in one go! (I tried and it didnít work!) Well worth the time though.

Aftermath: Daemon's Chosen Sequel to The Daemon Conflict. I canít decide which I like best because theyíre so good! Stick with this one because it deals with the issues from the last fic before getting to the action.

Shattered Dreams Another well-written, post-Daemon fic. Includes all the characters, so everyoneís fav character has got to be in it havenít they?

Return of the Guardian Thereís a lot of criticism about this fic, but I think itís really sweet- probably one for the girls I think. Itís an alternate reunion one- I like it.

Gotcha! This is the funniest fic Iíve ever read. Stars all the characters so it doesnít matter who your favourites are!

It's all in the Timing This is a Ďtruth or dareí fic- sequel to Gotcha! And just as good.

Ship out of Time Very well written Bob and Dot romance. Especially good for fans of the film ĎTitanicí (although I think this is much better than the film). Definitely worth a read.

Daemon A different sort of Daemon fic. Not really sure about this one, itís quite possible though- youíll see what I mean if you read it...

Fate, Love and a Little Bit of Destiny A pre-Season 1 fic. Gives some in sight to how Bob came to be Guardian of Mainframe, and Bob and Dotís first meeting. I like it- itís sweet.

Girls Night In This is another of the hilarious ReBoot fics- I donít know how writers manage to make them so funny! Itís a really good read.

No Time For Games This is set in the middle of Season 2, before Bob gets sent into the web and Mouse shows up. Well written but Iím not sure about the storyline...

On A Clear Night A nice romance sort of fic placed directly after the end of the third season (after the Ďshowí!)

Powerdown I really love this fic Ďcause itís so funny! Especially the self-destruct bit- youíve got to read this!

Pure Random Boys v Girls in Mainframe! More of a Ďgirls get revengeí actually. Funny results.

Revenge Another reworking of the fourth Arc in the third Season, nicely done too.