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At that moment, the door opened and a web rider came sprinting in. Bob sighed in releif at the interuption, it kept him from having to explain Mouse's comment.
The sprite skidded to a stop in front of Bob and began speaking quickly to him. He was dressed in black web armour like Bob's, but his helmet was a bit different. He was shorter than Bob, and it was impossible to tell the colour of his skin because of the armour. Dot wasn't even sure if it was a guy or not. Mouse and Dot exchanged a glace. They had no idea what was going on. After conversing for a moment, the sprite ran out as quickly as he (she?) had come.
Bob took a deep breath, and started to explain. "He said there's a strange craft in our space and the riders need all the help they can get to destroy it. It's huge, and we aren't doing very well." Mouse frowned at him. "Get to the point Sugah." Bob grinned at her. "We need to go out there and help them, and we have to use your ship, Mouse." The hacker put her hands on her hips, and turned to look at her ship. She hesitated. " As long as I get ta drive." Bob nodded, "Come with me."
The guardian led them to a smaller room off the main hanger. Inside along the wall were racks with a large assortment of armour not unlike the other Web Riders wore. On one of the far walls were weapons and other gear. " I don't know if we have any your size, but you can look." Dot and Mouse looked at them. They were mostly large suits, made for men. "This should be fun." Dot stated. Mouse bit her lip.


Dot looked at her hands and wiggled her fingers. "This feels strange,” she said. They had managed to find one close to her size, and soon she was dressed, except for her helmet. The armour she was wearing was black and metallic, and the covering the outside was a soft layer. Dot poked it, and her finger sunk it. She glanced at Bob, surprised. "It takes a while to get used to it." he said with a slight smile. Mouse on the other hand, wasn't doing to well. Mouse struggled in it. She frowned, the sooner we do this, the sooner I can get out of this Web forsaken thing." Dot grinned at her friend. Bob handed her a helmet, and said seriously to the too women, " This takes a while to get used to, and it's difficult to breathe when you first put it on, but don't panic, it evens out soon enough. 'Great.' Dot thought. 'Here we go." She put it over her head.
It was dark inside, and the two blue eyeslits made the room and the people in it appear to have a bit of a blusish tint. She tried to breathe, but no air came. 'This is what Bob meant.' she thought unhappily. She tried again, this time she got a litle more, but it still wasn't enough. Concentrating, she managed to even out the breathing. It wasn't easy, but she soon got used to it. When Mouse got hers on, her handed them weapons. Dot got a smaller, but powerful gun, (kind of like a Desert Eagle), that could be attached to her leg. Mouse turned a weapon down because she preffered her Katanas. After Bob took one, they headed back to Ship. 'I hate using these things.' he thought as her looked at his gun. They were much more akward than Glitch, who he was used to.

Chapter Five

Back at the ship, Mouse climed into the driver's seat and began to check the systems. Bob offered Dot the other seat, but she turned it down, and sat in the back seat. Getting into the armour had caused her wound to burn more. She held her stomach in an attempt to keep the pain at a tolorable level.
Bob had kept his helmet off for the time being so he could still speak to them. "Are you sure you're okay?" he asked. Dot nodded. He looked at her suspiciously, then turned and sat down at the controls. He knew she wasn't telling the truth, but what could he do about it?
"Okay!" Mouse said. Bob entered the code for the hanger doors, and they slowly opened in front of them. As soon as they were open, Mouse cried out joyfully, and sped the ship forware as fast as it could go. Bob watched through the side window, as the base grew smaller behind them. Then he shook his head, and entered the new coordinates to the battle.

Soon they came across what they were looking for. A huge craft appeared in front of them. It was covered in web shielding made from the scales of dead web creatures, and the windows had blue protective bubles around them. Dot felt strangely seeing it. It was familiar, but she couldn't have seen it before.
All around it were scores of Web Riders on Web Creatures, Web scooters, and Zip boards, and trying to destroy it. Other than the large enemy craft, Mouse's was the largest vehicle there. Some had scored some nice shots, but so had the ship. Dead web Riders floated in space, trails of blood flowing weightlessly out of small holes in their heads. Dot winced.
"Here comes the fun part," Mouse said, and raced closer.
As soon as they were within range, Bob began firing directly at it, with Mouse still at the controls. They ship became larger and larger as they sped towards it. So close, in fact, it seemed as though they would slam into the side of it. Dot gave a small cry, and closed her eyes, but the impact never came. Mouse veered away right in time. Dot sighed and slumped back against the seat.
Looking out the window Dot saw that the shots that Bob had fired had blasted a large hole in the side of the ship. Because the pressure of the interior and exterior of the ship were different, a vacuum was sucking objects from the ship into the Web. Several crates and even a small binome flew past Ship. Mouse slowed Ship down to a complete stop. As soon as the pressure had evened out, dozens of Web Riders disappeared through the hole into the large ship.
Bob stood up. "Mouse, come with me. Dot, stay here." He began to move to the door. "I'm not staying here." Dot said, frowning at him. He turned around to face her. "You can't go out there when you're wounded. I don't want you getting hurt anymore." he said seriously, and put his helmet on. Mouse and Bob took zip boards from Ship's storage container. "Stay here, and they start firing again, take out the weapons systems." Mouse told her friend, trying to think of something for her to do. Dot crossed her arms. She knew it was just a plan so she wouldn't feel useless. Seeing the look on her face, she added, "Sorry, Sugar." Mouse went to the controls and evened out the atmoshere pressure so it was equal to the Web. Then she hopped on her zip board and put on her own helmet. Dot reluctantly opened the door for them, and they sped out towards the damaged ship.
Dot grinned to herself. 'I'm not being left behind again.' she thought, and took the remaining zipboard. She entered the security code Mouse had taught her back in Mainframe, and took off after the other sprites.


Bob stood near the hole in the side of the ship and looked around the interior. Web Riders were attacking the members of the crew, who consisted mostly of pirate binomes. Suddenly Bob remembered. 'Pirates? CURSORS! This is Capacitor's ship!" Bob heard shouting, and sure enough, the Crimson Binome was swinging his energy cutlass at a bunch of nearby Web Riders. ' I have to stop this.' He thought frantically, but before he could make a move, a huge sprite with green skin came charging for him.


Dot hopped off her zipboard into the ship. She quickly reached for her energy pistol to defend herself. Close by, Mouse was busy yelling out insults and getting into trouble. 'What can I do?' she wondered.
Dot heard a sound beside her, and turned. A tall female sprite with tan skin and blueish-green hair was standing poised ready to attack. She held her metal trident, facing Dot. Her eyes were narrowed, and her mouth was set in a determined frown. Dot twisted to face her, and held her pistol ready. The woman charged, and Dot reacted by sending a shot straight for her. Instead, the shot ricocheted off her trident, the force sending it spiraling to the floor about three meters away. Before Dot could get off another shot, the woman kicked her hand, Dot's own weapon sliding off the side of the ship into the Web. They both watched it slide over the edge. "Now we're even." the sprite said, and rushed her.


AndrAIa tripped the female web rider, who landed heavily on her back. 'Attack my friend's ship? Not likely.' she though gritting her teeth. The sprite kicked out, but all the time in the games had taught her to expect that move, and she easily jumped away. She watched as the sprite struggled to her feet. 'She looks like she's hurt, but it couldn't have been from me' thought AndrAIa.
Once she was up, AndrAIa attacked again, this time extending her nails so she could get rid of this annoying sprite without killing her. The sprite then pulled an unexpected move, and grabbed AndrAIa by the arm. The Web Rider pulled, and she was sent flying across the deck, sliding to a stop just before she fell of the edge of the ship.


Chapter Six


The woman was now lying precariously close to the edge of the hole. If she moved backwards, she would be lost in the Web. Dot was incredibly grateful that Mouse had taught her a few moves before they had left Mainframe. That throw had been one of them. It involved using your enemies weight against them, and it had worked.
The blue-haired sprite slowly got to her feet. Dot stood, ready if she attacked again. Instead, she raised her hands in submission. Dot was taken back. Seeing the moment of confusion, the sprite jumped for Dot, her nails ready to pierce skin. Dot closed her eyes, and shielded her face from the incomming attack. She heared a loud thump, and opened her eyes. Mouse stood beside her friend, ring extended. The woman was lying in a stasis field, struggling in vain.
Dot sighed, and looked at her friend gratefully. Mouse gave her a thumbs-up, and then took off running to start another fight.



Bob backed away from the sprite. He could feel something that he hadn't felt in a long time, Glitch. Then he realized who the sprite was. 'ENZO!' The large green sprite was much older than Enzo would have been, but it was Enzo, and Bob was sure of it. Apparently Enzo didn't realize who he was attacking, and raised his gun. Bob didn't want to fight him, but how could he make him aware of who he was? Suddenly a shot flew passed Bob's head, only about a foot away. Bob called out, but it occurred to him that he couldn't understand him. The Guardian raised his hands. The large sprite glared at him. "You're not getting out of this that easily" he growled. Bob extended his hand. 'Glitch, I need your help," he called in his mind. Glitch made a sound of happiness, and flew off Enzo's arm onto Bob's. Enzo looked amazed.
Bob motioned to the large Enzo Matrix to stop attacking him, which he did. He backed off, and let his gun hang at his side, still not aware of who the strange Web Rider was. Bob turned around to face his fellow Web Riders. "Web Riders! These are my friends! If you stop attacking and let me talk to them, they will leave your space!" he yelled as loud as possible.
The riders turned. In a moment, they were all leaving, execpt for three of them. The pirates looked around nervously at each other. The whole ship was silent. 'This should be interesting," he thought, thinking of seeing both of the Matrix's reunited.
Bob turned to Capacitor and nodded towards the gaping hole in the side of the ship. The captain understood, and instantly turned to his crew. "Don't just stand there ya scurvy dogs! Start fixing the side of the Mare, or it's galley work for a week." The pirates bolted into action, getting supplies, with Mr. Christopher assesing the damage.
Bob walked down the steps to the main part of the ship. A sprite was lying in a stasis field. He recognized it as one of Mouse's. He shook his head. Mouse reluctantly raised her arm and disengaged the field. Bob recognized the woman. It was AndrAIa. She stood up and obtained her trident from the floor. Then she walked over to where Enzo and what appeared to be a search engine were standing still confused.
Bob turned to Dot, to see if she remembered them. She was looking directly at Capacitor in pure shock. Bob could see how confused she looked through the blue-tinted eye shields.
Bob reached behind his head and gripped the back of the mask, then pulled. The mask came of, and he could feel fresh air again, not the stuffy air that they were forced to breathe while they wore the masks. Looking up, he noticed everything around him had stopped, and all the sprites and binomes were looking at him. He turned to Enzo. The large sprite was standing, totally silent starring at him. "Bob?"

Chapter Seven

Before Bob could even say anything, the huge green sprite ran over to him and hugged him as hard as possible. Just when Bob thought his lungs were going to burst, Enzo let go of him. Bob landed hard on his feet.He shook his head, and stepped back. Bob opened his mouth to tell him about Dot, but Enzo got to it first. "We finally found you! This is great, now we can go back to Mainframe and find Dot and get rid of Megabyte and Daemon."
Bob grinned, and said. "It's great to see you again Enzo. You too AndrAIa." She smiled happily at Bob.


Dot stared Capacitor. I can't believe it. It can't belive I didn't recognize the ship sooner. How basic can you get? Only now did she remember the pirate ship. She was amazed that they had been fighting with her friends. She realized Bob had taken off his mask and was speaking, so she focused on what he was saying. Did he say ENZO!!! And AndrAIa! Dot looked hard at the two sprites. Now that she looked, they did appear to resemble the young sprites, only much older. Looking down near their feet was Frisket, looking exactly as she remembered him. Now she had no doubt.
Dot let out a breath she didn't know she had holding, and clenched her fists. She was overjoyed to see them. But suddenly she was very unsure. What am I suppose to say?Dot thought nervously. She stepped back, a little behind Mouse. Mouse gave her a strange look. Then the hacker pointed her thumb at her brother.
Dot bit her lip and went to stand beside Bob, who smiled at her. Enzo looked from Bob to her, and back to Bob
He doesn't recognize me. She thought unhappily, but almost smacked her head when she realized she was still wearing the mask. Suddenly, before Dot could take off her mask to talk to her brother, Princess Bula shouted happily, "PARTY!" All the pirates began cheering, and running around. "Come on, Bob!" said Enzo, grinning, and went below deck with AndrAIa following. Bob remained where he was, wanting to talk with Dot. Soon the entire deck was empty, except for the two sprites. Even Mouse had gone below. Probably after that search engine I saw her eyeing, thought Dot, smiling slightly. Or the alcohol.
Bob sat on a nearby crate. "What do you think?" he asked, looking intently at her. Dot just shook her head, her mask preventing her from speaking. She sighed at sat down next to him, looking at the floor. "Are you okay?" he asked concerned. She looked up, and nodded. She was more than okay; she had found Bob, the pirates and her brother. She just didn't know how to talk to her brother. He seemed entirely different.
"He's still Enzo," Bob said, almost reading her mind. Dot balled her hands into fists again, subconsciously. Bob saw how uncomfortable she looked and took one of her hands. Dot smiled up at him and snuggled closer.


Matrix looked around the noisy room, but couldn't find Bob anywhere. All he could see were pirates and web riders, but not the guardian. He was right behind me. He thought. "AndrAIa, I'm going to look for Bob." He stated. She nodded, smiling. Matrix got up and started to head to the top deck. Climbing the stairs slowly, he thought about how his life had changed so fast, finally for the better. The only other time he could remember being this happy was when he lived in Mainframe.
His head just cleared the floor, and he looked around for his hero. On the other side of the ship he saw two sprites, sitting on the deck, snuggled up on one of the crates. On was Bob. The other was a female Web Rider.
He felt his complete happiness fade a bit. What would happen when they got back to Mainframe? Dot would be heartbroken if she knew Bob liked someone else.
Matrix sighed, but guessed he should be happy for Bob. Suddenly, the other female web rider came up behind him, startling him. Matrix reached instinctively for gun, and Mouse for her kitanas. They both starred at each other, then Matrix lowered his gun. "Mouse?" The sprite reached back and pulled of her mask.
"It is you!" he cried.
"Who'd ya think it 'd be, Sugah?" They both put away their weapons. They both weren't very big on mushy stuff, so Mouse just said. "What're ya doin' up here? The party's down that way." Matrix looked embarrassed. "I was just trying to find Bob." Mouse looked at him. "Where's he?" Matrix grinned sheepishly and pointed to the main deck. Mouse stuck her head over. Then she looked back to the renegade. "Do'ya think they make a good couple?" "Uh, yah. I guess." he thought, not sure why she would bring it up.
"Have ya talked to her yet?" Mouse asked. Matrix frowned. "No, why would I? Mouse raised her eyebrows. "Because, she's you're sister." She had a strange look on her face, like someone pointing out something totally obvious. "WHAT!!" Matrix exclaimed.
Mouse stared at him. "YA DIDN"T KNOW?"
Martix didn't hear her. He took off up the stairs and across the deck. He had to talk to Dot.

Chapter Eight

Dot was happily enjoying her free time when she heard a sound behind her. She turned around just in time to see her (much larger) brother skid to a stop, and almost knock her and Bob off the crate she was sitting on.
"Um, hi sis." he said shyly. Dot instantly got up.
"I have to find Mouse before she gets in any more trouble" Bob said, making an excuse so they could talk together.
He started off across the deck, looking back only to smile at Dot. Then he went below to talk to some of his old friends.

Dot was about to say something, until she remembered her helmet was still on. Reaching back, she griped the edge of it and pulled. It came off very easily. Too bad it doesn't work the same way going on, she thought.
She looked up at her brother. Dot tried again to say something, but this time, even though the mask was off, she still couldn’t say anything. Instead, she wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him as hard as possible. He did the same, almost lifting her off her feet. Dot didn't realize she had been crying until she felt the dampness on her face.
Matrix set her down gently, and she quickly wiped her eyes. She sighed, smiling. "Where do we start?"


Walking down the dark hall, Bob grinned to himself. Everything was turning out amazingly. He never thought he would see Mainframe, Enzo, or Dot again, but the way things were happining, they would reach Mainframe in a very short amount of time. As he neared the room with the celebration, the sound of cheering and loud music grew. Reaching the door he paused, wondering if he should go in. He knew what pirate parties could be like. He decided for it.
Bob pushed the door to the room open, and ducked as a donut flew passed his head. The room erupted in the yelling of drunken pirates. Capacitor motioned for him to join him at the head of the table. After manoeuvring over or around several obstacles, (knocked over chairs, passed out pirates, etc.) Bob finally managed to get to his spot.
The captain raised his glass. "A toast, to the Web Riders. The surviest bunch of cut-throats I ever had the pleasure of sailing with!" The noise grew to a defining level.
When it had subsided a bit, the surfer that Bob had noticed before spoke up. "And to Matrix and AndrAIa. The reason we're all here. And I won't forget Mouse either." AndrAIa looked around the room and smiled in appreciation; Mouse celebrated by downing another I/O shot. This time Bob cheered happily too.


Several nanos later...
Bob looked around the room for Dot or Matrix. They still weren't around. Bob knew it was basic, but he was beginning to feel a bit worried about Dot.
He got up, and made his way to the other side of the room. It was less difficult now because many of the binomes had left, or had passed out. It was also much quieter too, and he had spent most of his time talking with AndrAIa, Mouse and the surfer, who's name Bob learned was Ray Tracer.
AndrAIa had told him of what she and Matrix, as he now liked to be called, had been doing for the time since they had left Mainframe. It was amazing what they had gone through.
Bob exited the stuffy room and slowly made his way to the stairs. As he reached the top, he found the Matrix's almost exactly as he had left them. Matrix was sitting on the crate facing away from him, and Dot was seated on the floor. She was laughing at something Matrix had said, and was patting Frisket. The large red dog was lying with his tongue out and his feet spread in different directions, obviously enjoying the attention.
For the first time since being shot into the web, Bob was finally happy again.


Dot shifted position on the floor. The time spent sitting on the hard wood, had made her legs hurt. She had been listening to her brother's stories for what seemed like cycles, but enjoyed hearing what he had been doing. It was incredible that he and AndrAIa had actually lived through some of the events.
Frisket startled her out of her thoughts with a loud whine. She had been so busy thinking she had stopped scratching his ears. "Sorry." she laughed, and started to pat him again. Behind her, Dot heared a soft thumping sound.
Capacitor limped towards them on his peg leg, not because it hurt, just because it was longer than his other leg.
"Well lass, since I don't think you want to be sleeping on the deck, here's your cabin number. You're sharing with Mouse. I hope you'll find it to your liking."
Dot accepted the small message pad, and said, "I'm sure it will be fine."
Capacitor nodded, and strode off in the other direction. Dot followed him with her eyes until he stopped. He was now speaking to Bob, who Dot hadn't even realized was on deck until now. She got up to stretch, and suddenly felt extremely disorientated. She shook her head to get rid of the feeling, and it left slowly.
"Are you okay, sis?" Matrix asked, instantly getting to his feet.
"Sure, I'll be fine." She smiled at him confidently, but she didn't feel fine. "Um, I think I'm going to check out the cabin." She gave him another hug, and they both said goodbye, agreeing on talking some more the next morning.
Dot walked across the deck to a waiting Bob. "Have fun?" he asked happily. Dot nodded, and headed down the stairs. "What room are you in?" he asked, trying to look innocent. Dot gave him a flirtatious smile. "Why does it matter?" she said. "No reason."
Before long they had reached Dot's assigned room, number twenty-two. Opening the door she found a small room with a single, roughly built bunk, a mirror and a small table beside the beds. Mouse had not yet arrived.
Dot turned around to say goodbye to Bob, who was grinning for no reason. It was infectious; Dot couldn't help it and almost burst out laughing. "What!" she said.
Bob didn't say anything, but stepped closer and put his arms around her waist. Smiling, she slid her arms around his neck, and hugged him closer. She leaned forward to kiss him, but suddenly the dizzy feeling rushed back. She barely had enough time to think oh no before she blacked out in his arms.

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