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Hex's Sacrifice



This is a fanfic about what's going through everyone's mind as Hex sacrifices herself. I wrote this because I almost did cry when Hex died. Maybe that's because I'm a fanatic but it might be because of why she did it.


She's really going to do it. I would never have imagined in all my wildest dreams would a virus, especially one like her, would give up her life for the Net when she used to destroy it. I can't imagine what's going through her mind, what she could possibly be thinking. Maybe all the energy she has is making her go crazy, why else would she do it.

I know she's done some pretty bad things to everyone here but I never thought what it would feel like watching this woman walk through a portal to her grave.

Little Enzo

I wonder what she did to my icon. I can't believe sh's really going to go. A virus. But she fought for us and now she's going to save all of our bitmaps. She's very brave; I don't think I would be able to do it.


I can't believe it; she's really going to do it. After everything she's done and everything she is she's still going to save us. I never gave her credit. I don't know why she's doing it. I've met a lot of viruses and none would ever even consider doing what she's about to do. I can see now that we needed her.

She was never afraid of me even though I hated her. I can see why. She threw me on the ground like I was a rag doll. I guess I feel a little guilty for hating her even when she was registered and was on our side.


She's really doing this. I cannot believe it. This virus that she had fought with over Bob, and had hated ever since she had arrived in Mainframe. The virus that probably could have either destroyed or taken over Mainframe in a whim. And she must really love Bob. I mean she has to; she's sacrificing her code and welcoming deletion for him. I really discredited her. Bob was right. She might be a virus but she's still our friend.


In all my days of upgrading and processing I have never read such a tale as this, a virus giving up her life for a Guardian. Unbelievable. I must remember this ad keep the faith that Bob has. If it weren’t for him, all of us as well as the Net would be deleted.


No Hex, please don't go. He had always felt a little friendship from her even when she was against them. He felt a pain in his heart as she stepped through that portal. I wish Daemon had never existed. Hex was a dear friend even if she hadn't always been on his side. In a way he loved her back. Not the way he loved Dot, but a love between friends.


Well I guess this is it. I guess I should just say my goodbyes. I wish I could stay. I wish I had changed to their side a long time ago. She had had a fun life but she couldn't help wondering if any of these people really felt something for her. I mean I don't think a sprite could really feel anything for a virus. She was going to miss them. Bob, she really did love him in her heart. Dot she would miss to because she and the had always had a little friendship. Not one that would be where we would share secrets. But a friendship that was silent and never mentioned.

She would miss Matrix even. She didn't blame him for hating her. She had helped ruin part of his life. Not as much as Megabyte, but she still had. Little Enzo was so fun to be around. She felt for him not having a father all his life. She got that feeling to. And to make sure that he wouldn't have to feel like that never again. She left him a surprise attached to his code. Later, he would understand. Phong had also been nice to her even though she never really spoke to him. AndrAIa was another along with him and Mouse. She knew Mouse was like Matrix and really didn't like her much because she was a virus.

I was hard for her voice not to break as she said her said her last words to the sprites she had barely had time to know. Trying to make this as quick and as painful as her heart to take, she forced the Null Welman to the controls that started the gateway. Light sprayed before her as she felt the pain of her body break down. Instead of crying or screaming in pain, she laughed.

Her whole life flashed before her eyes. It was so hard to let go. As the pain got worse she cackled louder. She could see millions of different of places. It got worse as the end of this maze of systems got close to an end she felt as if the rest that was left her, her code, was being cracked all over, and so she, once again, started laughing. She could feel the end near. Through all they had been through, she even missed her brother. The last thing she saw through her eyes was a picture of Megabyte, Frisket, Scuzzy, Dot, Bob, AndrAIa, Matrix, Null Welman, Mouse, and Phong.

The Ending of Daemon Rising inspired me to write this.

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