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3rd January 2003: I've got chapter 9 of 'An Old Adversary' up!! Enjoy!!

1 July 2002: OK, I have finally got a good message board up!! Anyone can leave messages now so you won't have to sign up!! Sorry it's been so long!! New board is here!!!

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This is my new link-me page, complete with 4 different banners!


These are Fanfiction Awards that are in the process of being set up. To take a look at the page click here

Fanfics- fiction written by fans

This is where Iím building up an archive of fanfiction- hope everyone likes the layout.

WARNING: If any authors find their work up there and they donít want it there please contact me!

And finally: Click here to go there!

New to ReBoot Fanatics : Fanfiction Challenge!!


Okay, Iím going to admit now that I usually donít pay that much attention to FanArt pages. But thereís no harm in putting other peoples up is there? I even did one myself.

This is where to go!Hope you like it.

ReBoot Fanatics Board Please leave any comments or (heaven forbid!) complaints, here. Thanks!


Pet Hates: This is a page I thought Iíd give a go at the last minute. Itís started off by me then Iíll put up any comments I get- hopefully get a discussion going!

What do you think about...? Another completely pointless page- of course this is my website so itís bound to be! Anyway, itís a page with a few things that seem slightly strange...hmmmmmm.

Couples This page is dedicated to the couples in ReBoot. (Youíve probably already guessed who my favorite couple is!) I want to put a poll up here but Iíve no idea how... so Iíll put one up when I figure it out.

ReBoot Fanatics Chatroom Pretty much speaks for itself, hopefully you'll manage to catch a fellow ReBoot fan in here!

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